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ŽAUHAR, VALNEA teaches courses in cognitive and experimental psychology. She is a collaborator on two research projects: “Metacognitive Processes in Learning and Reasoning” (University of Rijeka support grant; project leader: Assoc. prof. Igor Bajšanski) and “Cognitive-Emotional Approach to Music Listening in School: Musical-Pedagogical Aspect” (Institutional scientific project of the Academy of Music in Pula; project leader: Assoc. prof. Sabina Vidulin). She collaborated on research projects “Metacognition in Category Learning, Thinking and Comprehension” (Croatian Science Foundation; project leader: prof. Dražen Domijan) and “Cognitive and Neurodynamic Aspects of Perception, Learning and Thinking” (University of Rijeka support grant; project leader: prof. Dražen Domijan).

In the domain of metacognition, her research is focused on metacognitive monitoring of category learning and categorization, reasoning and problem-solving. Her research examines the factors that affect speed, accuracy and monitoring of category learning and the possibilities of generalization of the acquired category knowledge. Moreover, her research examines the cues that participants use to provide responses and form metacognitive judgments. These studies are aimed to answer questions about the possibilities of correct monitoring of the processes of learning, reasoning, and problem-solving.

In the domain of music psychology, she investigates memorizing music related to different levels of music proficiency. Those studies aim to examine the role of different aspects of pieces of music (e.g., formal structure, technical demands, interpretative cues, etc.) in the processes of practice, learning and performing from memory. She also examines music preferences and functions of listening to music.

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