Division of social psychology and work psychology

Head of Division: Barbara Kalebić Maglica


Jasna Hudek-Knežević

Zoran Sušanj

Nada Krapić


Undergraduated study programme

  • Psychology of interpersonal communication (C)
  • Social cognition (C)
  • Social attitudes (C)
  • Introduction to work psychology (C)
  • Political psychology (E)
  • Social stereotypes, prejudices and discrimination (E)

Graduated study programme

  • Groups and social influence (C)
  • Organizational psychology (C)
  • Work psychology (C)
  • Social interaction (C)
  • Health psychology (C)
  • Human sexuality (C)
  • Methodology of markting research (E)
  • Selected topics in organizational psychology (E)
  • Selected topics in psychology of groups (E)
  • Selected topics in work psychology (E)
  • Selected topics in social cognition (E)
  • Selected topics in social psychology (E)
  • Selected topics in health psychology (E)
  • Organizational development (E)
  • Political psychology (E)
  • Prejudice among children and adolescents (E)
  • Psychology of intimate relationships (E)
  • Psychology of management (E)
  • Psychology of marketing (E)
  • Psychology in law and court (E)
  • Psychology of human resource management (E)
  • Stress and health (E)


C = core course   ::   E = elective course