Welcome to the pages of the Center for Applied Psychology

Mission, Vision and Goals

The core business idea of the Center for Applied Psychology (Centar za primijenjenu psihologiju - CPP) is to provide individuals, groups, organizations and the wider community with professional psychological services based on modern psychological knowledge.

CPP's clients are primarily public and state institutions, as well as private and legal persons (non-profit organizations, public companies and the like). Our clients are offered programs and projects related to research, education, prevention, counselling and evaluation of existing projects, and so on, in the fields of educational, clinical, organizational and general psychology. CPP guarantees the quality of its services through the professionalism and professional competence of its employees.

Depending on concrete projects and needs, CPP will develop cooperative relationships with other departments of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences as well as with other constituent units of the University of Rijeka. In designing and implementing its services, CPP will include members of the Department of Psychology, psychology students and external associates, especially practising psychologists.