ISVU (Informacijski Sustav Visokih Učilišta - Higher Education Institutions Information System) is a project of the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports, launched in mid-2000, within the program of higher education informatization programs in the Republic of Croatia.

ISVU is a network-oriented modular system for data processing and intercommunication of different departments and units within a higher education institution. Studomat is a module intended solely for students. The teaching portal is a module intended for teachers. Various University units or higher education institutions in Croatia in their work use modules: Studies and Students, Exams, Human Resources and Data Warehousing.

nastavnicki portal

What is it that ISVU offers to students?

  • application or cancellation of the exam via the Internet,
  • issuance of various confirmations outside of opening hours of the Faculty administration,
  • enrollment into higher study year without waiting in line.


Studomat is a module that allows students to conduct administrative tasks online, via the Internet or online kiosk:

  • to applly or cancel of the exam via the Internet,
  • to obtain and print out student confirmations,
  • to review the data recorded in the database (personal data, data on enrolled years, subjects enrolled, passed exams, level of entitlement to student's reduced-price meals).

Studomat can be used online via:

  • Internet kiosk (4th floor - FACULTY OF HUMANITIES AND SOCIAL SCIENCES),
  • computer or portable devices (24/7/365).

The student is logged on to Studomat using the AAI@EduHr electronic identity (username and password).


  • It is in the best interest of a student not to disclose his or her username and password.
  • Students should notify the Student Service Office about the loss of the password.

Persons authorized to work with ISVU:

  • Department of Psychology - Anamarija Ivanušić, e-mail: ili Željka Crnarić (replacement), e-mail:
  • Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences - Chief Coordinators: Ines Srdoč-Konestra, Ph.D. (dean), Patricija Baf (Students Services Office) and Irena Miletić (Department of Psychology)