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PAHLJINA-REINIĆ, ROSANDA - She teaches courses in educational psychology, psychology of creativity, and teaching of psychology. She is currently working on two projects: “Personal and Contextual Determinants of Learning and Teaching of Different Age Groups” and “Teacher Beliefs as Determinants of Self-Regulation and Creativity of Students in the STEM Field of Education” (University of Rijeka Grant).

Her research is focused on examining personal and situational determinants of student motivation and self-regulated learning. She is particularly interested in achievement motivation and the relationship between motivation, emotion, and learning. Specific topics of her research interest also include self-regulation of motivation, metacognition, and conceptual change in learning and instruction. She also investigates how teachers' beliefs and approaches to teaching, as well as education-related strategies and interventions, such as the implementation of information and communication technology (ICT) in teaching and learning processes, affect student motivation and achievement.

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