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KRAPIĆ, NADA - is a professor of Work and Organizational Psychology, where some of the courses she teaches are: Introduction to work psychology, Work psychology, Psychology in human resource management, Psychology in marketing, History of psychology and Psychological schools and systems.

For many years she has been a member of the editorial board of Psychological Topics, and in 2012 was the editor of their special issue “Contemporary Contributions in Work and Organizational Psychology”.

She has participated in a number of research projects, and is currently a research partner on the project “The Effects of Personality, Emotions and Social Processes in Interpersonal Context,” which is funded by the University of Rijeka.

As a part of this project, she places her focus on the psychology of work, where she explores the connection between the work environment and characteristics of individuals, with different adaptational results, particularly those related to health. Some of the main areas she considers are stress, coping and burnout at work, which includes exploring individual development and personality measurement.

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