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HUDEK-KNEŽEVIĆ, JASNA - She teaches several university courses in the domains of social and health psychology. Currently, she is a member of a scientific project „The Effects of Personality, Emotions and Social Processes in Interpersonal Context“, that is supported by the University of Rijeka (the leader of the project is prof. Igor Kardum).

Her research interests cover the domains of coping with stress, effects of various personality characteristics, stress and social processes on subjective and objective health outcomes (e.g. physical symptoms, chronic diseases, aspects of mental health) as well as mechanisms through which stress exerts the effects on health. The domain of her research is also similarity and dissimilarity in romantic partners and the effects of the (dis)similarity on their relationship satisfaction. In the current research project, she is exploring the effects of personality traits on mate selection, mate retention and mate poaching.

Academic portfolio (of the University of Rijeka employee) can be found here: https://portal.uniri.hr/Portfelj/Details/866

Google scholar: https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=GxhdR_MAAAAJ&hl=en