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BRDAR, INGRID - She teaches courses Psychology of Communication, Positive psychology, Statistics in Psychology and Multivariate statistics. Her research focuses on psychological well-being, cross-cultural conceptualizations of happiness and the relationship between life goals and well-being. She also published papers on character strengths, humour, coping with school failure, social competence, and nonverbal communication.

Ingrid Brdar is the Principal Investigator of the Horizon 2020 research project “Mental Health Promotion of Cobot Workers in Industry 4.0”, which explores the mental health of employees working with collaborative robots. The aim is to design a prototype collaborative robot that promotes workers’ well-being and to define guidelines for the design of a cobot-based manufacturing workplace able to promote workers’ mental health.

She currently leads the research project “Psychological Well-Being: Determinants, Models and Cross-Cultural Aspects of Happiness” at the University of Rijeka. She also collaborates with the international research group on a project “Eudaimonic and Hedonic Happiness Investigation”, which is conducted in about twenty countries from around the world. Both projects explore the conceptualizations and contextualization of happiness, meaning in life, life goals and positive emotions in different cultures, as well as determinants of psychological well-being. The projects utilize mixed methods, combining quantitative and qualitative research.

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