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DOMIJAN, DRAŽEN works on theoretical and experimental studies of visual perception, attention and cognition. He develops neural network models and comprehensively tests them using computer simulations in Matlab. He is currently working on developing new models of object- and feature-based selective attention, contour tracing, spatial perception and the interaction between visual perception and cognition. Previously, he successfully developed neural models of visual working memory, figure-ground organization, brightness perception, perception of numerosity and grounding of conceptual knowledge in visual perception. In experimental work, he employs mental chronometry (reaction time and accuracy) to examine cognitive representations and processes underlying numerical cognition, grounded and embodied cognition and metacognition. For example, he investigates cognitive foundations of understanding abstract concepts such as natural numbers and mental arithmetic. He also examines relationship between speed, accuracy and subjective confidence in categorization tasks. He was a principal investigator on several national and one international research project.

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