Svegar D photo web

Participates in teaching in methodology, statistics, emotion and motivation classes. Currently involved in a project: Effects of Personality, Emotion and Social Processes in Interpersonal Context (funded by the University of Rijeka; project associate; project lead: prof. dr. sc. Igor Kardum).
Author of numerous scientific articles and books in many areas (emotion, cognitive psychology, perception, memory, evolutionary psychology, neuropsychology, health, personality, conflicts, methodology of web research, etc) which are conducted by different methodological approaches (experiment, correlational studies, meta-analysis, systematic views, case studies, theoretical simulations, etc).
His scientific and research areas of expertise are emotion recognition and expression, with facial expression as the most salient specialization. he uses cognitive and evolutionary perspective in scientific work through research, based primarily on behavioural experiments focused on the processing of emotional content. In recent research, he concluded that men with sexual violence history towards their female partner have an increased ability to recognize disgust on female faces. With his current research, he's trying to elaborate on the above-mentioned conclusion and determine whether emotional facial expression manipulation affects infidelity attribution, which is a plausible explanation of such results. Furthermore, one of his scientific interest areas and professional goals include research on envy.
Academic portfolio (of the University of Rijeka employee) can be found here: