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KALEBIĆ MAGLICA, BARBARA teaches courses in the field of social and health psychology. She is currently involved in a project entitled Effects of Personality, Emotions and Social Processes in an Interpersonal Context (University of Rijeka Grants; project collaborator; leader: Prof. Igor Kardum, PhD).

As part of this project, she researches the relationship between personality traits and different social behaviours, with an emphasis on connecting personality traits with attitudes towards various stigmatized groups (e.g., Roma, overweight people, migrants). For example, she examines a connection between parents' personality traits and attitudes towards different stigmatized groups and their children's attitudes, stereotype threat effects on the elderly, the effect of audience on an individual depending on his personality traits, whether partners coincide in personality traits, attitudes towards different stigmatized groups, etc. In addition to correlational, she also uses experimental designs in research.

Academic portfolio (of the University of Rijeka employee) can be found here: https://portal.uniri.hr/Portfelj/Details/1609

Google scholar: https://scholar.google.hr/citations?user=z0_E_bQAAAAJ&hl=hr